Ranked Choice Voting ballots are easy to fill out.

RCVis makes the results easy to understand, too.

Charts, graphs, and tables to help your audience understand the results of a Ranked Choice Voting election. Export to Wikipedia, embed with HTML, or share to social media.

Example images of a barchart, sankey diagram, single table summary, and wikipedia export

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

RCV elections are just like a standard "first-past-the-post" election, except you can have backup choices. If your top pick gets the fewest votes, they are eliminated and your vote is transferred to your next choice.

Learn more on our medium post: An Illustrated Guide to Ranked Choice Voting.

Types of Visualizations

Bar Charts
Demo of interactive barchart
The interactive bar chart shows how each round of the election progresses. The number of votes each candidate receives is represented by the size of the bar. As you progress between rounds, the bars grow and shrink to show the change in number of votes that each candidate is receiving. The colors represent how many votes were gained in each round: for example, the yellow part of the bar shows the votes that were received in the first round. The colors are perceptually linear, making them colorblind-friendly for all forms of colorblindness, including monochromacy (completely colorblind).
Sankey Diagrams
Demo of sankey diagram
The sankey diagram shows how the votes flow from one candidate to another as each round progresses. This visualization is best for displaying how the eventual winner received their votes. By exploring where the votes flowed from, you can see candidates who were similar and those who were not. In this example, you can see that Strawberry and Blackberry were most similar, and when Strawberry was eliminated, most of its votes went to Blackberry. That makes sense, given they are both berries. A real-world example might have a certain political party in place of berries.
Demo of round-by-round summary
There are several tabular formats, allowing you to inspect precisely what happened based on what you care about. The tabular-by-round format allows you to inspect the state of votes on a specific round. The tabular-by-candidate format (not shown here) allows you to dive into the number of votes a certain candidate had on each round.
Single Table Summary
Demo of single table summary
The single table summary is a quick, noninteractive view that combines both the tabular-by-round and the tabular-by-candidate views. It gives a quick, at-a-glance summary of each round. This table can also be exported to Wikipedia with several Wikicode features, including sorting each round by who had the most votes in that round, and including both percentage of votes and number of votes. While all interactive formats have a noninteractive, print-friendly version, this single table summary is particularly well-suited for print where graphics may be expensive.

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More Resources

Create an RCV poll or election
Rankit.vote icon
Rankit allows you to create an RCV election. You can use it to elect a leader in your local student organization, or just ask your friends which movie they'd like to watch next.
Advocate for RCV
Fairvote icon
FairVote is a champion of electoral reform. One of their main platforms is advocating for ranked choice voting, but they also advocate for multi-winner districts and other reforms to create a more proportional, representative, and fair democracy.
Tabulate the results of an RCV election
Universal RCV Tabulator icon
The Universal RCV Tabulator is a software package with multiple algorithms for tabulating votes. It parses your CVR (Cast Vote Record) files, which include information about each ballot, and tabulate it to determine eliminations, transfers, and ultimately winners. It outputs a JSON file with this information, which RCVis can ingest and visualize.
Implement RCV in your jurisdiction
RCV Resource Center icon
The RCV Resource Center provides resources and guidance for implementing RCV to everyone, from jurisdictions to individual voters. They played a major role in guiding the development of RCVis.
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